Ang Galing Partylist Rep., nagmagaling!




Ang Galing Partylist Representative na si Mikey Arroyo, nagbigay ng payo kay P-Noy kung paano patataasin ang ratings nito.


Etong sabi nya..

“The dip in Aquino’s satisfaction rating to 51% shows the growing disappointment of our people and their realization that no concrete work is being done to address the problem of poverty,” he said in a statement.

Dagdag nya pa..

“They are now starting to realize that PNoy is just a creation of a well-funded media campaign and that his ‘daang matuwid’ idea of governance is nothing but an empty rhetoric with no solid program to stand on.”

Sabay hirit..

“However, everything is not yet hopeless for him. He should start working to address the people’s concern and tone down his politics of vendetta. Don’t always blame past administrations for your woes and start working seriously.”


Sabihin mo yan sa Nanay mong punggok na may -53% lowest rating ever!

Magpa BELO ka. Pa check mo mukha mo, numinipis e!


Galing dito ang balita.





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