Nakapag-order na ako. E ikaw?

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3 responses to “Nakapag-order na ako. E ikaw?

  • 25pesocupnoodles

    pa order din ako, ganda ng kulay.

  • juan

    boycott Liberal Party candidates.

    withdraw your support from this government! All bloggers magkaisa against emartial law. this is a government that professes to be clean and yet acts like a hypocrite against its own people. it’s like killing the hens that lay the golden eggs. Bloggers are citizens and voters too. And the constitutional right to expression is a universally accepted principle. the right to say something against a thing or the right to feel a thing is an inherent right of individuals all around the world. but what did PNOY, SOTTO, ESCUDERO, angara, delima and all the Bayaran-Senador in the Senate do? they took away our Freedom to even consider saying something against OUR OWN GOVERNMENT. the last time i heard, it was a GOVERNMENT BY THE PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE.

    Today, all bloggers from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao should unite and bombard the internet with our opinions against our government. Let US TELL THE WORLD WHAT PNOY COJUANGCO AQUINO AND THE MAKATI BUSINESS CLUB AND 21 OF OUR SENATORS are made of.

    They are not only hypocrites. They are committing TREASON and insulting the dignities of every freedom loving Filipino.

    Once again, BOYCOTT LIBERAL PARTY CANDIDATES including the SWAPANG JAMBY MADRIGAL, THE HYPOCRITE TWO-FACED RAQUEL HONTIVEROS, TWO-BOAT PEDDLING ESCUDERO, TWO-FACED ANGARA, AND ALL MINIONS AND RETARDED PEOPLE IN THE SENATE. PLEASE SPARE MIRIAM SANTIAGO AND JOKER ARROYO. maayos naman sila. I also give credit to Bongbong marcos for opposing the impeachment of Justice Corona kasi for me, talagang intervention yung ginawa ni PNOY sa ibang pillar ng Philippine Justice System. Too bad, corona was the last barrier/ the last line of defense against the hedgemony of the Aquino abuse of power. Kung tutuusin, the more Justice Corona had opposed Pnoy, the better it was for the check and balances of this nation. Eh di sana na-block ang KASWAPANGAN mga COJUANGCO-AQUINO. too bad, too many people were blinded. they supported the impeachment of Corona for a mere oversight in filing the SALN. Now, para ng asong ulol ang mga Aquino. Even our internet rights are now curtailed.

    Putang-ina talaga.

    pasalamat si PNOY at si Delima at hindi ako mangkukulam. matagal na sanang pumutok ang mga tiyan nila.

    Magpalupig ba gud ning bisaya no.

    thank you Pulpolitilka for allowing my comments on this site.

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