Hindi PULPOLitiko: Mayor Rodrigo Duterte


Dahil hindi kayang isipin at gawin ng isang PULPOLitiko ang mga ito:

“The criminals I know how to handle: just wipe them out — if they persist. The revolutionaries, you talk to them. Why? Firearms are still proliferating. And you cannot kill an idea or a generational aspiration — even if you kill the revolutionary himself.”

“I take care of my policemen and the soldiers. They need support because the salaries they receive cannot support their families. But if any of them is involved in drugs, they’re dead. If they commit kidnapping for ransom, they’re dead. If they are criminals, they’re dead. That’s it”.

“I am not a saint but how can one remain clean if you have a system where one needs billions of pesos to win and then you have to satisfy the insatiable greed of those whose support you need to be in power? If you don’t know this, then you are either naive or you don’t know what you’re talking about”

“With due respects, but I do not wish or dream — nor am I even qualified — to be president of this country, the way some sectors are now suggesting. This system is shot. There is no way we can redeem it. Unless we radically change things.”

Basahin dito ang detalye.


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